Psychology of Music: Origins of Music II

Following up on the theories of music origins discussed in the first hangout, we delve into the research that provides evidence for/against the theories.  Much of this material is derived from Dr. Aniruddh D. Patel's lectures for The Great Courses, "Music and the Brain".  Towards the end of the hangout I lament that the research available seems thin which lead, the following week, to a one-to-one with Dr. Gary Edwards, a philosopher of science .

Joining me on the panel to discuss these theories was an international team of acquaintances made up of musicians, music-appreciators, academics and auto-didacts: Richard Firth Godbehere, Ph.D. (Musician, Historian), Fabio Andreozzi, Joe SiriusMined, and Jon F. McDropout.

What do you think of the research provided?

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Nick Epifani