Psychology of Music: Origins of Music I

Scientist, lecturer, philosophy enthusiast, and bassist Chris Maute kicks off the first in a series of interviews and panel discussions covering the psychology of music.

In an attempt to familiarize ourselves with some basic concepts in music origins, a group of panelists and myself addressed some theories of music origins as laid out in Music, Thought, and Feeling: Understanding the Psychology of Music by William Forde Thompson.

According to Thompson, adaptationist theories of music origins include sexual and natural selection theories, tethering it to evolutionary significance; while non-adaptationist theories of music origins include theories of music as a by-product of evolution, an invention of culture.

Joining me on the panel to discuss these theories was an international team of acquaintancesmade up of musicians, music-appreciators, academics and auto-didacts: Jim Gardner (Musician), Richard Firth Godbehere, Ph.D. (Musician, Historian), Alex Malpass, Ph.D. (Philosopher), Gus Belanger, Unspeakable is Lallie [Lydia], Joe Siriusmined, Fabio Andreozzi.

While this hangout does not address other theories of origins or the research to support/critique these theories (grist for the mill of future hangouts!), it gets our toes wet in openly talking about these topics.

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Nick Epifani