AL 112 Bass Combo Amplifier


AL 112 Bass Combo Amplifier


The AL 112 bass combo amp features a first-in-class aluminum hybrid enclosure, enhanced with specially engineered wood baffles and high-performance ceramic drivers. It's lighter, louder, and more versatile than traditional combo amps. And the sound is something you just have to hear to believe. 

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Cutting Edge Design
AL 112 is the world's first bass combo amp to utilize solid-aluminum for the main enclosure shell. Aluminum's unique properties allow for a superior strength-to-weight ratio, enabling us to use the latest high-performance ceramic drivers, yet achieve a lower weight over similar neo-based wood cabinets. The bowed, trapezoidal structure dramatically improves frequency response and power output without unwanted tonal coloration. 

Legendary Sound
Epifani sound means broad clarity of midrange, a full, fundamental low end, and singing, upper register highs, all played with the fastest, most powerful dynamics available. All of your notes are full, round, and defined. That’s what makes Epifani tone sought after by the world's best bass players.


Input: 1/4 inch TS phone jack
Send: 220k Ohms (mix controlled)
Return: –50k Ohms
Tuner Out
Footswitch: 1/4 inch TRS
DI: Low impedance XLR
Direct Out level control
Pre and Post EQ selector switch
Ground Lift

Tone Control
Bass: Shelving + 22dB @ 40 Hz
Mid: Shelving + 17dB @ 550 Hz
Treble: Shelving + 22dB @ 3 kHz
Mid Cut: -8 dB @ 800 Hz
Vintage Tone: Proprietary circuit selectable switch engages
tube emulator

Voltage selector: 120/240V – 50/60Hz

19.5 inches (w) x 16.5 inches (h) x 16.5 inches (d)


Single channel pre-amp
Class-D power amp
Switch-mode power supply
1 x 12 inch 300 Watt Dual Voice Coil Epifani driver
100 Watt Bullet Tweeter
Adjustable tweeter control

Speaker Impedance
Switchable: 8 Ohms or 4 Ohms

Power Rating
385W RMS @ 8 Ohms
600W RMS @ 4 Ohms

Amplifier response: 20Hz – 25kHz
Cabinet response: 44Hz – 16kHz
Sensitivity: 98dB (1W@1m)

Aluminum enclosure
Graphite w/Red
Internal wood baffles 

39.8 lbs (18 Kg)