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Piccolo Bass Amp



The New Piccolo


At just 4.5 pounds, the third generation Piccolo travels light but packs a mighty punch. A redesigned Epifani 3-band EQ gives you the flexibility to get legendary sound in any style from rock to jazz, from punk to salsa.

Legendary Sound.
Choose 350 or 550 watts at 4 Ohms. Plug in, close your eyes, a feel full-spectrum bass like you’ve never felt it before. And get into the Legendary Sound made famous by Ron Carter and Lincoln Goines.


Vintage Vibes


Vintage Analog Tube Emulator.
Dial in the perfect vintage sound without heavy transformers and fragile tubes. With the click of a button Vintage Circuit brings in a warm, round tube sound, like playing through a mint condition flip-top tube amp minus the collectors item price tag.


Studio Ready


Ready To Record.
Bring Piccolo to your session and send the engineer a line-level feed from the new PureSound™ D.I. You can choose to include the EQ section in your sound to create your ideal tone for any recording. Piccolo also features an effects loop so you can mix in the perfect amount of your go-to effects.


Front Panel

3. Master Volume
Controls the overall volume of the amplifier. Ergonomic shape makes it easy to see and adjust on stage in any lighting condition. Other outputs including the DI Output, Tuner Out, and Effects Send are not affected by the Master Volume control.

4. Bass
Active shelving EQ control with 22 dB boost @ 40 Hz. 

5. Mid
Active bandpass EQ control with 17 dB boost @ 550 Hz

6. Treble
Active shelving EQ control with 22 dB boost @ 3 kHz

1. Gain
Controls the volume of the signal passing through the EQ stage. To set perfectly: continually play your loudest, lowest note. Turn the Gain knob clockwise until the green light begins to turn orange/red as you attack the note. Now slowly turn the Gain knob counter-clockwise until the note you're playing produces only the occasional flash of orange. Leave the gain there and control your volume with the Master Volume knob.

2. Mid Cut Level
Provides up to 8 dB of cut @ 800 Hz. To set perfectly: set knob at 12 o'clock position. Activate the Mid Cut using the switch or optional foot pedal. Boost or cut in small increments by turning the knob clockwise or counter-clockwise.


10. Mute
Mutes the amplifier. Red light is on when engaged. The Mute is automatically engaged when you turn on the amplifier so you can set your Gain level before sending sound through to the speakers.

11. Vintage Tone Switch
Engages analog tube emulation for the ultimate classic sound. Proprietary Vintage Circuit designed by Epifani to give you that full, warm 60's sound without breakable tubes or heavy transformers. 

7. Active/Passive Switch
Provides a 10 dB boost for passive basses. Reduces output signal of active basses to avoid unwanted distortion.

8. Input Jack
Connect your instrument using a standard 1/4 inch instrument cable. 

9. Mid Cut Switch
Activates Mid Cut EQ. Green light is on when active. Expertly tuned for the perfect scooped-mid slap tone. 

Rear Panel

6. Effects Mix
Mix between a dry (unaffected) signal and a wet (effected) signal when external effects are connected to the Effects Loop. When you're using an EQ or Compressor, turn the Mix all the way to the right to send 100% of your signal through the effects processor. For Reverb, Delay, Chorus and other effects, start with the Mix turned all way to the left and gradually turn it clockwise to achieve the desired blend of wet and dry signal. 

7. Pre/Post EQ Switch
When the switch is engaged the signal coming through the DI Output will be shaped by the active EQ (see above). When the switch is in the up position, no EQ will be sent through the DI Output. 

8. D.I. Level
Adjusts the the output level of the DI Output. 

1. Power On/Off
Turns your amplifier on and off. There is a 2-second delay as the amplifier performs a self-diagnostic. The Mute switch (see above) is automatically engaged when the amp is turned on.

2. 1o Amp, 250 Volt Fuse
Protects your Piccolo from power surges that can damage the amplifier. User changeable via the fuse compartment.

3. Voltage Selector (Piccolo [550W] only)
User switchable to 115 volts or 230 volts for international travel. Warning: Setting the wrong voltage will damage your Piccolo. Ensure you have the correct setting before you switch on the amplifier.

4, 5. Effects Loop Send and Return
Use a standard 1/4-inch cable to connect the input of your effects to the Send jack, and the output of your effects to the Return jack.


12. Pedal
Use a TRS 1/4-inch to connect the optional foot pedal. Use the foot pedal to engage/disengage the Mid-Cut feature and Mute.

13. Ground Lift
Disconnects the chassis ground from the DI Output to reduce 60-cycle hum.

14. PureSound D.I. Output
A balanced, low impedance output. Connect a standard XLR microphone cable to send a signal to a mixing console or recording device. 

9. Universal AC Power Port
Use the included cable to connect your Piccolo to a standard power source.

10. Neutrik Speakon / 1/4-inch Combo Speaker Output
Connect either a Speakon™ twist-lock speaker cable or 1/4-inch speaker cable. For the best results use a Speakon-to-Speakon cable. If using a Speakon to 1/4-inch cable, turn the amplifier off before connecting. Do not exceed the minimum 4 ohm impedance.

11. Tuner Out
Connect your electronic tuner via a standard 1/4-inch instrument cable. Piccolo sends a signal to your tuner even when you engage the Mute switch.



Tone Controls
Shelving, +22 dB @ 40 Hz
Mid: +17 dB @ 450 Hz
Treble: Shelving, +22 dB @ 3 kHz
Mid Cut: -8dB @ 800Hz

4.5 pounds (2.7 Kg)

11.25 inches (W) x 10 inches (D) x 3 inches (H)
285 mm (W) x 254 mm (D) x 76 mm (H)

Amplifier Response
20 Hz - 25 kHz

98 dB (1W @ 1m)

115 Volts or 240 Volts, 50 or 60 Hz
350 or 550 Watts

Single Channel Preamp
Class-D Power Amp
Switch-Mode Power Supply

Power Rating
Piccolo [350W]
350 Watts RMS
Minimum Load: 4 Ohms

Piccolo [550W]
550 Watts RMS
Minimum Load: 4 Ohms

1/4-inch TS Phone Jack Passive: 470KΩ
- Active: 200KΩ
Output: Combination SpeakonTM and 1/4-inch
Send: 1/4-inch TS Phone Jack 200KΩ
Return: 1/4-inch TS Phone Jack 50KΩ
Tuner Out: 1/4-inch TS Phone Jack
Foot Switch: 1/4-inch TRS Phone Jack
Direct Out: Low Impedance XLR w/ Level Control
Pre/Post EQ: Selectable Switch sets DI Output to Pre/Post EQ

Included Accessories

Piccolo Bass Amp includes a custom rack mount kit, US universal power cable, and EU power cable.