Piccolo 600 Bass Amplifier (600W)

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Piccolo 600 Bass Amplifier (600W)


A remarkably small yet powerful amplifier designed for bass players who demand the highest quality, convenience, and portability. The piccolo 600 features the studio quality clarity of our UL series preamps with the power to drive an array of speakers.

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Legendary Tone
Introducing the Vintage circuit—an Epifani exclusive—that adds a warm, tube-like, 1960’s tone to the overall output. Epifani's award-winning amplifiers combine a studio-quality preamp with an audiophile-grade power amp to deliver power, precision, and transparency that sets the bar higher than ever before.

Digital Power
And, a proprietary Class D amp and switch-mode power supply help make Piccolo lighter and more powerful than ever. All in small form factor that fits in your gig bag.

Your Signature Sound
This is one micro bass head that sacrifices nothing in the pursuit of great tone. Precise, intoxicatingly powerful, and "there" like you’ve never felt before. It’s the true sound of your bass, with a crystalline clarity you have to hear to believe. With Piccolo, your sound jumps at the slightest touch, almost as fast as you put finger to string. Power, precision, clarity, and impact, from low B to triple high C.

It's ultra-fast, ultra-transparent, and the first ultra-light bass amp to proudly wear the Epifani badge.

What makes Epifani amps better

That vintage sound at the push of a button
Think back to the day you fell in love with your bass sound. Were you playing through a 1960’s-era Fender Bassman or an Ampeg B12? We were. After years of research and testing, Piccolo’s patented vintage circuit is able to reproduce what made that sound so special. It’s the perfect compliment to your vintage P bass.

Better bass at high volume
Turn up the volume of a regular amp and you’ll lose bass response as it gets louder. Low frequencies take more power to reproduce, so other amps cut the bass and give you more mids to make it sound louder. Epifani amps are designed to produce your true sound at any volume, whether you’re playing a club or a stadium.

A mid-cut made for slapping
Since the day Larry Graham first brought his mighty thumb down upon that E-string, bassists have been searching for the perfect tone for slapping. The key to a great slap sound: perfectly scooped mids. With the press of a single button, Piccolo becomes an undeniable funk machine.

Engineered to produce the truest sound
Plug in your bass, set the controls to zero, and you will hear the true sound of your bass. No color, no unwanted noise, none of the impurities that other amps force into your sound. Just turn it on and enjoy the purest sound available. Where you go from there is entirely up to you.

Audiophile quality (less is more)
You'll never again have to settle for the cheapest components. Piccolo is built with the highest quality materials. The result is world-class tone, and higher reliability than off- the-shelf amps. Piccolo is designed with as few circuits as necessary to get your perfect sound, free from unwanted color.

Greater efficiency, more power
Get more than you paid for. Epifani amplifiers are more powerful than other amps with the same power rating. That’s because we use a unique circuitry design to increase efficiency, maximize the power amp, and prevent wasted energy from taking the fullness out of your sound.

Light and easy to carry
A military-grade switching power supply replaces the heavy transformers found in other amps, shaving off needless pounds you could do without. And Piccolo is small enough to fit in the pocket of your gig bag. Total weight of your 1000 watt amp: 


Input: 1/4 inch TS phone jack
  Passive: 470k Ohms
  Active: 200k Ohms
Send: 220k Ohms
Return: –50k Ohms
Tuner Out
Footswitch: 1/4 inch TRS
Direct Out: Low impedance XLR w/ level control

Combo Speakon

Tone Control
Bass: Shelving + 22dB @ 40 Hz
Mid: Shelving + 17dB @ 550 Hz
Treble: Shelving + 22dB @ 3 kHz
Mid Cut: -8 dB @ 800 Hz

Vintage Tone
Proprietary circuit selectable switch engages
tube emulator

3 inches (h) x 11.25 inches (w) x 10 inches (d)

Power Supply
Switching Power Supply
Amplifier: Propietary Class D

Power Output
Class D
385 Watts D RMS @ 8 Ohms, < 1% THD, 1kHz
600 Watts RMS @ 4 Ohms, < 1% THD, 1kHz

Amplifier Response
20hz – 25kHz
90 dB

Voltage selector 120/240V – 50/60Hz.

Power Consumption
900 Watts @ full power

Variable speed fan

4 1/2 pounds