HDI High Definition Instrument Cable


HDI High Definition Instrument Cable

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Epifani HDI cables incorporate innovative, industry leading technology to ensure the highest signal transmission from your instrument to an amplifier or recording console.

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Time To Rethink Your Cables
Introducing Epifani HDI Cables, a new chapter in the history of instrument cables that will forever change the way you hear your instrument. For two years we researched instrument cable design, examining measurements, recordings, live tests with some of the best musicians on the planet. 

Superior Construction
We found that a special combination of materials and manufacturing techniques can produce a cable that can transfer complex electrical signals from an instrument to an amplifier better that anything we experienced before. We use only the best materials to ensure unparalleled quality. At Epifani we believe that the link between your instrument and your amplifier is incredibly important.  All the cables are hand assembled and tested in our NYC facility and feature a lifetime warranty.

Zero signal loss up to 403 feet (159 meters)

Straight or L-shape connectors
Silent connectors
12 foot (3.6 meters)
15 foot (5 meters)
20 foot (6.1 meters)

5mm Epifani W.I.D.E. Frequency cable
Bp: 0Hz to 100Mhz
2 x Gold Neutrik 1/4 inch connectors
Heavy gauge heat-shrink
Braided shielding
Reinforced carrying case